Architecture-export is the simple solution for publishing and marketing architecture-projects on countless web-platforms to present your work to a worldwide audience.

What we do!

eye What we do!

You have realized an outstanding project? You want to let new customers know about it? We review your fotos, renderings, texts, drawings without any obligation for you and let you know promptly which steps have to be undertaken to publish the project successfully.

launch Online Campaign

We develop a press-kit from your documents and inform big, international Architecture-Platforms and Blogs about your project. Your benefit: you can publish your project worldwide without having to prepare your data for each publication separately.

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You want to publish your project in a target-market? We edit texts also in chinese, russian, arabic, spanish, portugese and german.


help Consulting

You are missing images, texts, drawings? You still need to find the right photographer, copywriter, graphic-designer, 3-D-artist? We can help!

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Is your homepage up-to-date? Do customers find you on Google and Bing? And if yes, how good? We do the Web-Check and connect you with specialists.

plane CMS for Architects

You have many projects to publish? You want to manage them yourself? We have the right tools to organize and design content and data efficently and clearly. Ask us!

How it works!

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We review your fotos, renderings, texts, drawings without any obligation for you and let you know promptly which steps have to be undertaken to publish the project successfully.
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We will guide you!

We support you ! We help you accomplishing your documents! As soon as we have everything, we develop the press-kit and tell international architecture-plattforms and blogs about your project.
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Done! Lean back and watch your project travelling around the world on all architecture-channels. All responses are going directly to your inbox.


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The full report!

Approx. 10 weeks after launch, you will receive a report from us, showing where your project was published. Find an example here

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Latest Presskits

Our reference list is getting longer every day. We are happy to have published theses projects, amongst many others:


    Ballhaus by Hope of Glory

    The new residential building Stadthaus Ballhausgasse fills a long-time void on this street in the historic city centre of Graz, Austria. The street facade interprets the design principals of the late 19th century using a contemporary language. The plasticity created by a game of light and shadow on the cornices, protruding windows and surrounding frames, as well as their arrangement, is achieved by the absorption and continuation of these elements in the new mirror-effect facade.


    PPAG - Steirereck Vienna

    Steirereck is one of the best restaurants in the world. Despite renovations being completed only a few years before, a comprehensive re-formulation of the restaurant became necessary. The proximity to the park was of particular importance to the clients. The winning competition design takes the individual tables as its starting point.


    Osthang Project

    Seit 2008 initiiert der Darmstädter Architektursommer mit künstlerischen Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum Diskurse zur Stadtentwicklung, sowohl innerhalb Darmstadts als auch über die Stadtgrenzen hinaus. Als transdiziplinäre Koproduktion des Architektursommers Rhein-Main und dem Internationalen Musikinstitut Darmstadt wird diesen Sommer erstmals das OSTHANG PROJECT realisiert.



    Die international führenden Lichtplaner von Bartenbach geben ihr Know-how seit mittlerweile zehn Jahren in der hauseigenen Bildungseinrichtung Bartenbach academy an Professionalisten weiter. Das Kursangebot wurde nun erneut den geänderten Bedürfnissen sowie der steigenden Nachfrage angepasst.


    PH New York

    PH New York, remodeling and Interior Design of Apartment 459 West 18th Street, NY Situated between the Meatpacking Districts at the borders of Highline Park the rooftop appartement was remodelled to meet the needs of its new inhabitants.


    Car Park - Skopje

    Following the awarded competition entry for a new parking garage in the centre of Skopje, PPAG in cooperation with Milan Mijalkovic has been commissioned to build the façade of the Ulica Mito Hagjivasilev Jasmin parking garage. The city’s wish for a baroque façade is interpreted in a way that only can occur in the present time.


    Tunnel Monitoring Complex

    The large complex of buildings nestled on level ground along the new Hausmannstaetten bypass road covers three functions: tunnel control centre, central repair shop and road maintenance depot. In order to keep the intrusion to a minimum, the building was interpreted as part of the landscape. ...


    Messequartier Graz

    The „Messequartier“- housing project represents an essential contribution to the issues of living in city’s centres and their re-densification. Highest quality in urbanistic, architectural and functional terms has been achieved through a well-balanced mix of functions and the regard to latest ecological standards. The project offers multi-generation-housing, office spaces, a kindergarten and gastronomy services. The roof-scape includes a large-scale intensive roof garden, swimming pool and sauna overlooking the city.


    Europan 6 Vienna Housing

    “stadt-land-schafft” was the title of the winning project in the Europan 6 competition in 2001. After twelve years of development and construction, the building is now set to be handed over to its occupants. It has turned out to be more than a building! It is a man-made mountain, an alternative to block perimeter development, with a Piranesque, three-dimensional urban landscape within.



KMDcc - Martin Krammer

KMDcc - Martin Krammer

Martin Krammer shows 20 years of working experience as an architect in architectural practices in the USA and Europe. He founded and owns KMDcc, Consultants for Creative Economy Projects offering services in project and strategy development, communications and public relations for architects, designers, communities and public institutions.




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